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Location: Theater Mack - Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival - Auburn - New York
Date: 2012 - 2014
Role: New Musical Series Manager
Context: When the Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival was created, the Artistic Director, Ed Sayles, wanted to create a platform for musical theater writers to experiment and test new material in front of an audience in the earliest stages of its development.  We started by strategizing a unique format allowing a hybrid residency and performance structure for writers.  We helped transform the Cayuga Museum Carriage House into a fully operational performance venue, Theater Mack.  And then we fostered and galvanized writers we believed it.

Over the first 2 years of the PiTCH, I fostered 30 new musicals and mentored 100+ artists from around the US through the development and representation of their work.  And most importantly, I engaged 1000+ audience and community members into conversation regarding the impact of new musical work.



Created by: Ed Sayles
New Musical Series Manager: Walter Ryon

Production Manager: Emily Reid
Operations Manager: Michael Broughton
Company Manager: Rachel Cook
Asst. to Series Manager: Becky Zaritsky