Location: Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival - Auburn Public Theater - Auburn - New York
Dates: July 2013
Role: Director / Choreographer
Context: This show was developed as part of the PiTCH series at Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival.  It was groundbreaking for the theater as It was their first time producing an original new musical as a mainstage production.  When the festival agreed to produce this show, it wasn't even fully written yet, but it had major potential.

I'm extremely happy and proud to have worked on this production from the very beginning through to final production.  The show has a unique musical sit-com quality and is extremely funny and heartwarming.  I hope it continues to have a life elsewhere.

Neurosis copy.jpg

Book by Allan Rice
Music by Ben Green
Lyrics by Greg Edwards

Director/Choreographer: Walter Ryon
Scenic Design: Jason Bolen
Lighting Design: Max Doolittle
Costume Design: Lucy Brown

Cast: Joanne Baum, Julie Cardia, Scott Duell, John E. Elliot, Bob Frame, Danny Gardner, Joseph Medeiros, Patricia Noonan, Alexandrea Tocco, Christine Zavakos

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