Location: New York Musical Theater Festival, McGinn/Cazale Theater
Date: October 2011
Role: Assistant Director
Context: A musical can take multiple years to workshop and develop.  This new musical is definitely one I believe in.  It gets at the heart of relationships in its wacky, zany, touching way.  With the amazing Farah Alvin and Jamie LeVerdiere, the process was never short of hysterical.  

Book and Lyrics by: Carl Kissin
Music by: Robert Baumgartner

Director: Jeremy Dobrish
Assistant Director: Walter Ryon
Choreography: Wendy Seyb

Cast: Farah Alvin and Jamie LeVerdiere

Scenic and Prop Design: Susan Barras
Lighting Design: Jeff Croiter
Sound Design: G. Alan Busch
Producer: Liz Ulmer
Stage Manager: Andrea Jo Martin

the process.jpg