Location: NYUAD Campus - Abu Dhabi - UAE
Date: May 2015
Role: Production Manager / Technical Director
Context: During their fourth year, all NYUAD students produce a capstone project - either as an individual or team - in their major field.  The capstone project is a demanding, yearlong endeavor aiming at a significant piece of research or creative work - an historical narrative, musical composition, performance, invention, documented experiments, scholarly thesis, or other form appropriate to the student’s goals. Unlike other courses in which faculty establish the structure and set assignments, student work independently with guidance from NYUAD faculty. The fundamental challenge is to extend oneself in making knowledge, reframing conventional approaches to an issue, or creation something new.

This eight-day festival is the culmination of this yearlong process and a celebration of the work created across the arts and humanities.

As Technical Instructor for the Theater Program, I work with these students and help mentor them through the technical and artistic process of these capstones during their final year at NYUAD.  These students have grown immensely, even in the short time I've known them.  I'm very proud their work and dedication their craft.


No Brakes
by: Oscar Lozano


by: Brooks Fowler


Reclamation or How To Really Do It
by: Krushika Patankar


Amnesia Subtitulada & Memoria Obstinada
by: Nikolai Kozak Olego


Nubia; A Performance About My Grandmother
by: Valentina Vela


by: Sanyu Kiyimba-Kisaka