Walter Ryon

Technical Instructor / Production Manager
Theater Program, New York University Abu Dhabi

Professionally, I am a technical artist with a background as a Director, Designer, Choreographer, Production Manager, Technical Director, and Producer.  ‘Technical’ as encompassing both the technical knowledge needed by the designer and performer in physical, visual and analysis work as well as the literal construction, mechanics, engineering, programming, drafting and equipment used within production.  My work focuses on integrating the technical work into the design and artistic process rather than it becoming a facilitation of those ideas.

Personally, I live and work in the United Arab Emirates and travel the world every chance I get.  I love music, dance, and design in all forms.  I'm obsessed with 3D rendering and printing.  And I love a good musical.



- Lived outside of the United States.
- Got a dog!
- Bought a car.
- Visited 17 countries in the last 3 years.
- Graduated Valedictorian of my High School Class.
- WINNER for ‘Best Director of a Musical’ for BroadwayWorld Central NY 2013
- WINNER for ‘Best Original Production’ 2013 SALT Awards for Neurosis: the Musical
- WINNER for ‘Best Dramatic Monologue’ 2007 NJ Governor’s Award
- Learned to say the alphabet backwards.
- Proud son and fiance.